Our Core Strategies


Lucys Project - core strategy AwarenessLucy’s Project raises awareness of the link between family/domestic violence and animal abuse. We do this both amongst the general public and within the government and non-government organisations tackling the domestic and family violence crisis in Australia.

Lucy’s Project recognises the importance of companion animals (“pets”) to Australian families and the prevalence of domestic violence where animals are also within the home. We help people make ’the link’. We believe that when an animal is at risk of harm within a family, there is also a human life at risk. Until we address the need to protect animals from harm, we are failing to address the whole family.

We support studies to increase knowledge and awareness of the extent of the animal abuse in domestic and family violence and to increase education of the effect of that violence on human communities.

We raise awareness of the resources, tools and support available to domestic violence organisations in Australia by forming a peak organisation and a network of services around the country.

We recognise the burden of domestic violence on the animal welfare/right sector as they support animals needing refuge. We seek to raise awareness of the support needed and available to them through the network.


Lucys Project - core strategy AdvocacyLucy’s Project advocates for the animal victims of family/domestic violence in order to also protect the human victims of family and domestic violence. We do this in a number of ways.

We form a network of services across Australia including domestic and family violence peak bodies, government and non-government agencies, police, animal rescue services, housing, homelessness and mental health services, veterinarians, child support agencies, lawyers and universities.

We speak up for the non-human victims of family/domestic violence as well as the people who cannot be separated from their animals in a crisis. We seek ways to help build further support services for them.


Lucys Project - core strategy ActionWe offer direct consulting services to domestic violence organisations (and others) who are seeking to improve the outcomes for people with animals and be innovators in the field.

We work with organisations who need assistance understanding animal issues or requiring referrals to further support.

We try to ‘bridge the gap’ using creative thinking when no services to a family are available for animal support.

We reach out to the DFV networks to include animals in the knowledge nexus and grow awareness.

We partner with others to develop the body of research and knowledge

We hold conferences on a bi-annual basis and create webinars, training programs, factsheets and provide up to date information.

We hold state based working group meetings on a regular basis, to partner on projects, share information and build awareness.

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