Policies and Positions

Lucy’s Project is an Australian not for profit incorporated association, registered in the state of NSW. We are governed by an executive committee comprising a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Public Officer. Our membership records are held in NSW. We hold an annual general meeting where our financial records and annual report are available to all members. We are in process of changing our structure to reflect the national work we do and will update this section shortly. For more information, please email the public officer, Anna Ludvik, info@lucysproject.com

Lucy’s Project recognises that domestic and family violence can affect all gender identities and all species. We recognise that while victim/survivors may identify as any gender, statistics reflect that the majority identify as female while the majority of abusers identify as male.

Lucy’s Project recognises the importance of the family animal and their status as family members, pets, companions, and assistance and guide animals. We recognise that in times of crisis, the family animal can be a source of comfort, support, security and strength for survivors. We support initiatives and programs that assist in keeping human and animal together in crisis and recovery.

Lucy’s Project recognises the special trauma that can be inflicted upon children who witness the abuse of animals.

Lucy’s Project acknowledges that we operate our organisation on Aboriginal land as it always has and always will be. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge the vibrancy and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture to this day.

Lucy’s Project treats all member organisations and individual supporters equally without favour or prejudice. We are an apolitical organisation with no affiliations to any other organisation.

Lucy’s Project will not accept donations to sway or influence our position or lobbying.

Lucy’s Project has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, cyber harassment and stalking, verbal abuse or threats of any nature.

Lucy’s Project recognises there are many approaches necessary to solve the crisis of domestic and family violence where animals are concerned, and we are dedicated to working with diverse solutions.

Lucy’s Project is a vegan organisation. This does not compel or request all members to be vegan, however:

  • all Lucy’s Project events and meetings must be catered with vegan food only, if funded by Lucy’s Project
  • our fundraising must not involve cruelty to animals or the loss of animal life
  • we will not sell, endorse or promote products which harm animals
  • we adhere to the vegan principles of considering our impact on animals in all decision-making processes
  • we seek to minimise harm to animals wherever possible
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