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Lucy’s Project Membership is core to our work in developing a national network of services, supporters and information sharing. The membership fees form a key part of fundraising for our ongoing overheads and we depend on your support to keep this powerful movement progressing towards a kinder world for people with animals caught in the cycle of domestic/family violence.

Organisation memberships suit organisations who wish to join the network. The core of our work is creating a nationwide network of support and in raising awareness of the link between domestic/family violence and animals. We raise awareness of your events, work, research, outreach, fundraisers and assist you to build resources, gain support and awareness. We will promote your organisation on our website and connect you with others in the movement if you wish to collaborate and help build the resources your organisation needs. You can nominate members to represent your organisation at meetings. Organisation membership is also available to corporations and other business who wish to support Lucy’s Project financially and in return we offer promotion of your business on our website (please see our policies and position statement).

Networking is central to our work and our members form the core of who we are. Organisations have benefited from Lucy’s Project Membership in a number of ways:

  • Being put in touch with other organisations working on similar projects
  • Finding other organisations or funding opportunities to help their projects grow
  • Avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’
  • Collaboration
  • Promotion of events, training, fundraising and awareness raising
  • Staff development and networking from participation in meetings
  • Being part of a passionate, driven community of like-minded professionals
  • Possible promotion of your organisation on our website
  • List your organisation in the service directory

You can become a member as an individual or as an organisation. Individuals are welcome to self-represent and be involved in meetings, projects, build the movement, show support and work with us. As we don’t receive public funds, membership forms the basis of our income stream and we rely on membership fees to continue our work.

  • Individual membership is $20 per annum
  • Organisation memberships are $150.

Become a member in one of the following ways:

  • Organisations can become members here.
  • Individuals can become members here.

Please email us at if you or your organisation is experiencing financial hardship and is unable to afford our membership fees at present.

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